Five Ways to Make Water Healthy

Pure and crystal clear water is the lifeline of our universe. Apart from keeping our eco-system going string, it is also highly required by our bodies, and when taken in the right amount, it brings an array of benefits to the individual. For instance, about 50-70% of our body mass is made of water, and it is responsible for toxin and waste product removal from the body. Besides the metabolic benefits, it also keeps your skin hydrated leaving you with soft baby skin. In other words, taking water has a diverse array of benefits to you. Nonetheless and even with that being the case most people are usually not able to hit the eight glasses of water a day mark because they are unsure of how healthy it is and secondly it tastes so plain that drinking it feels more like a chore instead of fun. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of five ways to make water healthy to ensure that you have no problems taking it.

  1. Boil it

This is one of the most natural and most straightforward methods you can use to make your water healthy. It doesn’t require any unique skills or tools. All you ought to do is put the amount of water you are planning to take that day in a pan or cooking pot, bring to a rapid boil and then hold it a full boil for about sixty seconds and then remove it from the heat and allow it to cool. Now add it to your water bottle to drink while on walks or at work and even drink some of it on the spot when it cools.

  1. Invest in a filter

Even though boiling kills all the contaminants, not all of us have the time to boil it, and if so you don’t have to take chances if you are unsure of its quality. You can invest in a pitcher with a good carbon filter as it helps remove most of the contaminants and leave your water healthy. However, you can also invest in a reverse osmosis carbon filter which is usually installed under your sink and solve the problem permanently.

  1. Add a cinnamon stick

Some of us reside in areas where there are no problems with water contamination and the only question left is drinking it and making water healthy is not just about its safety, itโ€™s also about enhancing its taste and making it even more beneficial to your health. There are many ways you can do so, and one way is by adding cinnamon sticks. Simmer the cinnamon in a cup water and then add the resulting liquid to your drinking water and add ice. Not only does cinnamon flavored water taste great and refreshing but it also brings with a long string of health benefits, for instance, it can help lower blood sugar, fights infections and viruses, lowers cholesterol and reduces the risks of cancer among many other benefits. So make your water healthy today by adding cinnamon.

  1. Add essential oils

Even without drinking them, essential oils are quite beneficial even when they are just in the air so you can imagine the kind of health benefits they accrue to you when you take them. Besides they taste great and when you add a few drops of peppermint, lemon, lime or orange juice, then add ice, you will have taken the healthiest water around. Also, you are not limited to the essential oil you can use; you have the option to go for lavender, vanilla or any other of your choice. However, ensure that you purchase the consumable kind of oils as there are those meant for the skin and for refreshing the room only. So ensure you check this factor out and join the pool of people who take healthy water.

  1. Add herbs

Closing our list of tips to make your water healthy, are herbs. There are plenty of herbs in your grocery store which when you add to your water will not only make it taste great but will also gift you with an array of health benefits. Wake up every morning and raid your garden or grocery store for bunches of lemon balms, peppermint, spearmint, basil or ginger roots and add them to your water. They not only make it taste minty and refreshing but also boast a range of benefits especially when taken together and fresh from the garden or store. For instance, they help reduce gut inflammation hence promoting better digestion; they relieve headaches, they have calming effects for those who suffer from anxiety and are natural breath fresheners. So if that is not healthy, then your definition of that is a little way off.